About us

We are Allegory. We pay tribute to great anime, great artists, and great stories.

Anime isn't just about colorful characters and visuals. It’s a window into the human experience, an empathetic exploration of life’s spectrum of emotions. You see, we're not interested in slapping a protagonist's face on a shirt and calling it art. No, we aspire to capture the raw essence of their journey, their trials, their triumphs. We aim to distill these intricate tales into wearable tributes, celebrating the truths they reveal.

We're a small, dedicated crew of artists, designers, and storytellers, each one of us on a relentless pursuit of perfection. We handpick the best designers, each with a unique interpretation of the anime ethos, and equip them with a revenue share of each sale, promoting not just creativity, but also collaboration.

Each collection we release is a "drop," a limited-edition, uniquely themed homage to the infinite nuances of the anime narrative. Our inaugural drop, Label 001, encapsulates "The Pursuit of the Dream," echoing the collective struggle of our beloved anime comrades in their quest to reach their dreams.

Your piece of clothing isn’t just a product, it’s a numbered work of art, testament to its exclusivity. It arrives at your doorstep nestled in our branded box, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed for protection.

If you reading this, you are early. It means you appreciate the craft, the narrative, the struggle. It means you’re here, standing with us at the precipice of a new era in inspired fashion. And for that, we can't thank you enough. Welcome to Allegory. Welcome to the revolution.