This Label is an exploration of the aesthetic values of the Frontier. Rugged individualism, retro-futurism, and the reconciliation of hope and naivety. For this release, we created a variety of inspired designs from landmark anime from the 2000's, inspired designs from our conceptualization of The Frontier, and custom sew apparel combining majority cowboy with a wearability of Space Aesthetics to combine and explore these values as a whole. We created a short film to further explore this concept. Bandit 1 Opens with Dialog and our Hero, the Prospector, continues with his speech in the middle and end.

There are no weaklings on the Frontier.

There are no weaklings on the Frontier. I came to this conclusion by repeatedly smashing the harsh reality of the world against my ideals. It’s a new world. A new life. Opportunity. The promise of something better. When I landed, I found nothing but the gritty and worn. The people. The places. The air itself. This world. This world is not kind to the naive. You can achieve your dreams. But. The naive. The ones who rely on others. They don’t make it.

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